Oliver Tom Nuttall

Virtual Reality (360 Video)

Current Project - Terms and Conditions Of your Reality (VR) - 2020

Without the level of technology behind computers and phones, todays modern society would collaspe. In our Virtual reality piece we are showing how different a persons situation would be without any access to these devises. We want the expeirence to be an emphasis on how people would react in an intense senario that takes them away from their world that revoles around their mobile phone. By the end of the expeirence, we will have created a freater awearness of how attached we are to our devices and how a greater detachment from them can affect our lives.

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Solitude “Isolation Series” (VR) - 2020

SOLITUDE is a series of RAW (VR) 360 degree video footage of my time in isolation, completing the most simple tasks. I’m documenting this series while we are confined to our homes as I feel deflated and unimaginative as ever. The skills that I have learned have allowed me to record my day to day life in quarantine using 360degree film. (Shot with RICOH THETA)




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Email: olnuttall23@gmail.com